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What Happiness Means To Me - Tessa Alexa.

What Happiness Means To Me - Tessa Alexa.

What does Happiness mean to me?

  1. Happiness to me is expressing my True Self in every moment and remembering that with every breath I take I am creating my own reality.
  2. Happiness to me is to feel. To be. To surrender. To expand my awareness. To ask what is this emotion or situation teaching me?
  3. Happiness to me is running into the arms of Vulnerability. Again and again and again. It means pushing my comfort zones, dancing with the unknown and exploring my limitless potential.
  4. Happiness to me is knowing that my happiness is ever-expanding because I am an ever-evolving and ever-expanding spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, energetic being.
  5. Happiness to me is practicing gratitude and sharing gratitude; for when we are grateful we cannot be unhappy!
  6. Happiness to me is remembering that we are whole; that we are not broken or damaged. It is remembering that we always have the answers inside of us, and that it is our responsibility and divine privilege to love and trust ourselves deeply.
  7. Happiness to me is to love. To embody unconditional love. To offer deep acceptance and love to my Self so that it can be reflected in my acceptance and love for others and the world.
  8. Happiness to me is passion. It is connecting deeply with my true desires and purpose to live on this planet in this lifetime. It is listening to the whispers of my heart and acting on them with effortless fearlessness so I can create the life I dream of and create the change in the world I am here to create.
  9. Happiness to me is choosing not to conform to societal expectations if they do not truly serve me or bring me joy. It is choosing to be vulnerable and create a new way-of being aligned with my core truth, deepest values and highest self instead of choosing fear. It is choosing not to every believe we have to do things just because ‘that’s the way it is’.
  10. Happiness to me is laughing and connecting deeply with others. It is being deeply seen, understood and accepted by others as your truest self. It is conversations which light your soul on fire and unexpected adventures. It is getting lost in our laughter, lessons and legacies as we stumble through life together, none of us knowing the way.

- Tessa xx

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